Spill Control

Spill Control

Industry color coding for absorbents

Absorbents are one of the most cost effective and efficient ways of containing and recovering spilt liquids. Having the correct type of products on site will allow you to manage any potential workplace spillage.

To ensure that you choose the correct type of absorbent, below is a simple guide to the colour coding and also see our absorbent compatibility guide on page 60 and 61 for a more comprehensive list of liquids that require spill management.

Maintenance Grey/Black

For use inside on spills of non aggressive Water and Oil based fluids and Mild Chemicals.

Oil Only White

For the preferential absorption of Oil based liquids on land or water. Including Vegetable Oil, Mineral Oil and most Hydrocarbon derivatives.

Chemical Yellow

For use on spills of aggressive liquids i.e. Acids and Alkalis. Can be safely used on Water and Oil based spills. For use on land only.