Shark Bite

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The SharkBite Air & Pneumatics push-fit range provides fast, simple and reliable

pipe connections. Available in 10 to 54 mm sizes, the robust brass body fittings

can withstand high pressure and a range of system requirements, making it ideal

for small to large commercial and industrial applications. Suitable for use from

the compressor to the point of use, we offer a wide range of fittings and anodised

aluminium pipe, including a 45° elbow for improved air flow.

Using a simple push-fit action, pipes are instantly joined without the need for tools,

silicon, hot works, solder or glue. Fittings can also be disconnected with a secure

demounting tool, making system extensions and modifications quick and easy.

Designed to securely grip our range of anodised aluminium pipe, SharkBite is also

compatible with powder coated aluminium, copper, PEXa and nylon pipes.


• Engineered brass body

• Push-fit connection ends

• Tamperproof secure demounting tool

• Nitrile O-Ring and stainless steel grab ring

• Suitable for air and vacuum applications up to 20 bar


• Reliable leakproof solution that withstands high pressure

• Instant, tool-free, push-fit connection with no hot works, silicon, solvent or glue

• Corrosion-free solution that extends equipment lifecycle and reduces


• Quick and easy system reconfiguration and extension, with minimal downtime

• Lightweight and easy to handle material

• A versatile solution that connects to metal or plastic pipe

Air System Configuration

The SharkBite Air & Pneumatics system offers rapid assembly from the compressor

to air line, through to the complete ring main and take off points.