Are you Spill Prepared?

Spill Prepared

Are you Spill Prepared? The Engineers Store has partnered with Ecospill to offer our customers a FREE Site Survey and product recommendation report to make sure they are Spill Prepared and not Ill Prepared.

This free survey will look at all aspects of spillage response on-site including liquid types, quantities, and locations so if there is a potential leak you are prepared and not at risk of the environmental changes that can cost thousands.‚Äč

The site survey will be done by a representative from Ecospill and a member of our staff. Notes will be taken throughout the survey to make sure the report is filled in correctly and in a lot of detail.

Along with this, we offer basic and First Response Training Course (BSiF) Accredited which provides attendees with a 1401 ISO certificate

limited spaces available if you are interested please call or email us at for more details.

As well as this site survey we offer a variety of other surveys. Please check out site-surveys for more information

Don’t forget products get added every day to our shop.